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"Perhaps there is a point past which, in order to sustain one’s growth trajectory, one must exploit their collaborators. Following which, I wonder if anyone should really continue aspiring to such levels of notoriety, and if we should perhaps possess a healthy suspicion of those who do?"

Getting my PhD at a hoity-toity university and I have been arriving at the same conclusion. Many professors seem to think encouraging students to work more mechanically and brutally is a form of tough love to help students achieve their academic dreams. Prevailing wisdom is you basically should be DDoSing the discipline's major journals with your submissions. And then they have the audacity to complain that so few recent published articles are worth reading πŸ™„

And The Tyranny of Science Over Mothers is spot on from my close second-hand experience.

Also, really digging those crunchy and sproingy sounds.

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